Life: Revival, Reformation, Rebuilding

Beauty for ASHES

The Anti-Socialist Holocaust-Extinguishers Squad

Help free the slaves, and fight for a true end to the abortion holocaust. Not for the faint-hearted, not a pretty, softer-than-cotton-candy woman's "ministry"; men are called to step up vigorously into the battle, to win it, and to restore the true Beauty of Holiness from the ashes, and to re-lay the foundations and rebuild the walls by the Strength of Righteousness. We are to lead the way.

Life from the DEAD

Discipleship, Evangelism : Activism, Debate

Dead and dying churches worldwide have spent themselves into irrelevancy despite all their activities. Help ignite true discipleship, the precursor to any real revival. Curriculum, classes, teaching seminars, street evangelism, confronting principalities and powers at every level.

Blinds for the Bible

There is a great need for raining living waters upon the dry and fallow ground among those relegated to the welfare check and movie-watching (listening?). It starts with The Word of God. Help produce a highly accessible, user-friendly online Bible and online curriculum specially tailored for those who cannot see, hear, or move as God intended in his good design; whether they are blind, deaf, or amputees from birth or from the warfront, having access to a very simple and usable Bible that also provides powerful studying, querying, and research features, would be a great blessing, to these, as well as to anyone around the world seeking to read or disseminate God's Word.

Family Matters


As die the nation and its churches, so die the families -- if they can be called that any longer? It's time for some accountability:

The road to strengthening, reconciling, or reuniting your family runs straight through Jesus Christ. There is no other way.

  • The sexual immorality that pervades households must be cleaned out like so much clogging slime.
  • The ever-reforming and cash-sponging yet ever-declining public miseducation system needs to be entirely scrapped. The first step toward this is rebuking and exhorting Christians to Get Out of That System of Godlessness. An inherently Godless system, like a brothel or a public school, cannot be reformed; it must be razed. They will need encouragement and training for transitioning to homeschooling.
  • Reliance upon governments and their socialistic systems of extreme perversions, addictions, thievings, and all the attendant corruptions that have seeped into our churches wreak havoc also in our homes, must be confronted and changed into the strength and liberty of Christian manhood and ladyhood. With what freedom remains, we must challenge and fight to make Christian entrepreneurs grounded in Biblical principles of economics, and the roles and responsibilities of man and woman must be made clear and maintained if we wish to restore any kind of sanity to our homes.

Church Planting, Reformation, and Rebuilding


The Exposers

Playing nice with sin ends here. After establishing faith and repentance in our own lives, we are duty- and love-bound to expose wickedness, to shine the Light, to be that light in the world. After the training comes the real deal. Help by participating in teaching, evangelism, establishing God's goodness everywhere and in all things. Spread the Gospel, train others to know who God is and what he wants from us, be the bulwark and fortress against wickedness in high and low places, against real-world problems, crimes, corruptions; provide The Solution, and implement it, in a new church you start, or by leading change in your current church.


Pensacola Bible Church

The first, small, highly dynamic, real church in what is hoped to be a long line of true-to-the-Bible, true-to-God, true-to-each-other churches that must replace the messes that have become the stagnant norm, as they make a profitable profession leading many astray, tolerating great sin, teaching false doctrine.

Help lay the foundation of something new that is really something very old, even forgotten; not after any tradition of man, not the Sunday-School-and-a-Sermon silliness and fakery, but seeking truly to see the lost saved, and the saved discipled into sincere and strong men and women of God.


The plagues of fornicating shack-ups and illegitimate children must also be confronted and corrected. One means of doing this is by encouraging and performing weddings, rebuking and exhorting to tying of the knot, to self-sacrifice and life-long and legally binding commitment and the performance of all the related roles and responsibilities with uprightness and integrity; instead of playing house as naughty and grotesquely unspanked children with attitudes of arrogance and entitlement.

Home Churches, and Church Deliveries to Homes

There are many languishing in lonely apartments all over, who don't "fit" into these social-clubs-of-churches, and could therefore use a visit from a certain traveling pastor and evangelist. Help fund direct visitation and teaching for those who cannot or will no longer attend our fallen and disgraceful church buildings.

Building ... a Work In Progress

Great progress has been made, part of which has been making announcements such as this and at the related sites. The real and difficult work still lies ahead. Thank you for any support, including an encouraging word -- but your action by word and deed regarding the truth of Jesus Christ are most important. Any support you provide will be utilized to the utmost to make the above as prosperous and fruitful endeavors as can be performed.